Natural Cures For Insomnia

Various natural cures are available for insomnia. Valerian root, kava, chamomile, lemon balm, St. John\’s Wort, and passionflower have been used for treating insomnia for many years.

Majority of natural cures are harmless. Chamomile tea or lemon balm for example is harmless for most people. That is the attraction why people are looking for natural remedies. In some instances the above cures work wonders.

Melatonin is the best natural remedy for insomnia. Unfortunately it remains unregulated in United States. Scientific evidence of its effectiveness remains unclear. There is no clear guideline of how to use it nor the dosage to follow. As of today we can only find informal guidelines of insomnia natural cures. But then, the information is not backed by any scientific studies.

Valerian Root

Studies suggest that valerian root is helpful for insomnia. Unfortunately there is a big potential of side effect such as vivid dreams. High doses of valerian can also cause blurred vision, excitability, and changes in heart rhythm.

Studies also reported that Kava helps improve stress-induced insomnia. The most common side effect reported is dizziness. It should be noted, however, that Kava has been associated with liver failure in some cases. But then again, there is no clear scientific evidence.

Main problem with Insomnia’s natural curesĀ is lack of regulation. Results usually are based on public experience. There is no concrete proof or evidence. Those who prepare the ingredient can put what ever he thinks necessary.

To make thing worse, some of the natural cures are being laced with potent pharmaceuticals such as phenacetin and steroids. Some even contains toxic metals.

There is no clear guideline on the dosage of the natural remedies. Some find it to be ineffective, as the dosage is too low. On the other hand, others might experience the side affect as the dosage is too much for the individual.

Consider the follow point when you intend to use natural cures:-

– Before you try any of the natural remedies just make sure there is no additional unwanted material being added into the ingredient. It is not an easy task. But we need to do it. Stop from using the medicine if you are unsure of its origin.

– Most important part is to stop using the medicine buy valium online if you observe any side effect. Seek professional advice immediately if the symptom prolong.

Natural cures for insomnia can be very useful. However we need to use them with caution as the usage of the natural remedies are not regulated. Otherwise natural cures can do wonders.

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